Rotary Welding Machine

Rotary Welding Machine


Type High Welding speeds(SPM)
Advantage Uniform weld bead
Benefit No operator skill
Usage Tailor made to suit customer needs
Performance Excellent performance
Speciality Sturdy & rugged
Feature Choice of PLC & full automation with material handling

Two station Mig welding system is developed for stator of the submersible pump. The machine incorporates hydraulically operated mechanism for clamping the stator horizontally and weld the S. S. tube with M. S. end rings. This Mig welding system replaces manual Tig welding through welding automation giving excellent weld bead. This process reduces the production time dramatically to three minutes instead of thirty minutes.Since welding is carried out automatically, the dependence on a skilled operator is eliminated. Thus this is an important in the hand of submersible pump maker to improve weld quality, improve productivity and eliminate skilled man power.  


Applications: Many applications like welding S.S. Stator to end rings in Submersible pumps, Idler rollers for conveyors, Tig welding system for traction motor, Mig system for flex plates, silencers in automobiles, many many jobs can be easily produced using rotary welding systems.

Features: These Spm's have state of art technology. They provide high production rates at less or no operator skill.

Choice: Usually have one or two power sources with respective welding heads. You may choose between Tig & Mig depending on the material you may want to weld & other parameters like strength & porosity.

Operation: The jobs are clamped at appropriate pressure & rotated by a geared motor. The weld torches approach the job pneumatically & weld the job circumferentially. The weld bead uniform as are voltage is used as a feed back.

Salient features

  • High Welding speeds
  • Uniform weld bead.
  • No operator skill
  • Tailor made to suit customer needs.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Sturdy & rugged.
  • Choice of PLC & full automation with material handling.

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